The project aims to demonstrate innovative resource recovery technologies from WW of SC in Mediterranean and Continental climate at full-scale (below 2,000 PE) and environmental conditions with the following main objectives:

1. To validate improved EXTensive technologies two innovation spaces will be prepared under 2 different climate conditions (Seville and Toledo, Southern and Central Spain) for hosting different INTEXT technologies:

      a) Low Carbon WWT: solar-based EXTensive systems with an improved and reliable treatment performance and  footprint below 1 m2/PE

       b) Produce valuable products in a resource-oriented circular economy through the recovery of nutrients such as P and N and the production of water of reuse and energy.

       c) Removal of emergent pollutants (EP) through AW, HRAP and solar driven chemical free anodic oxidation (AO) based on inline electrolytic and UV radiation.

2. To provide criteria for supporting the decision-making process for the identification of the most appropriate INTEXT tech. based on life cycle analysis (LCA) and socio-economic and technical factors, minimizing emissions and maximizing recovery of resources (greenhouse gases emissions reduction of 80-90 %).

To foster market uptake and implementation  of innovative tech. by the water sector through standardization, ETV and dissemination of the project solutions and interaction with market stakeholders and regulators.