Hybrid secondary treatments

Rotating contactor + Floating wetlands

Rotating biological contactors are wastewater treatment systems in which microorganisms are attached to a material which rotates semi-submerged in the wastewater. These systems are an alternative to conventional active sludge. Microorganisms in the material make use of the organic matter in the wastewater and take the oxygen needed from the atmosphere when the disc is outside the water. That way there is a reduction in the energy and economic demands compared to those systems that requires mechanical air injection. 

Effluent from this system will be introduced to a floating wetland, creating a hybrid system with both technologies, finding a new approach to wastewater treatment in small communities.

a) Rotating contactor; b) Clarifying wetlands

Trickling filter + Clarifying wetlands

A trickling filter is a biological filter made of a fixed bed of a thin material which operates mainly in aerobic conditions (in presence of oxygen). Wastewater is sprayed over the filter and bacterial biofilm grows covering the filter material as wastewater go through the pores of the filter. Organic matter is degraded by the biochemical reactions performed by microorganisms in the biofilm. 

This system is hybridized with a clarifying wetland thus generating a new concept of wastewater treatment in small communities.