Innovative INTensive secondary treatments


Membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) is a modular system in which oxygen is transferred to water with permeable membranes in which biomass is attached. Oxygen circulates in a passive way through the membrane at atmospheric pressure, so the energy demand is extremely decreased. Biomass attached in the surface of the membrane carry out a nitrification-denitrification process, producing a high quality effluent with low nitrogen levels.

a) Granular aerobic reactor; b) MABR; c) Trickling filter

Granular Aerobic Reactor

Granular Aerobic Reactor are designed as an alternative to conventional wastewater treatment. This system operates in a fill and draw way. Wastewater is added to a reactor in which organic components removal takes place, when the process is finished, the content is removed, starting over the process. 

This process would be equivalent to the conventional wastewater treatment, but every process takes place in the same reactor instead of using separate cham